Why Should You Choose WJG As Your Accounting and Tax Professional?

  • WJG has been in the accounting and tax service industry for over 40 years.
  • WJG understands the importance of developing a trusting and lasting relationship
  • WJG recognizes that each individual or business has different circumstances and issues to include in the tax preparation
  • WJG is equipped to provide tax services to an array of individuals and businesses. No situation is too complex for us to handle
  • WJG specializes in creating processes and procedures to match the business size and needs
  • WJG focuses on implementing a system that fits your budget while maintaining the necessary records
  • WJG takes the time to focus on each individual and/or business to elaborate on the tax benefits and deductions that are appropriate
  • WJG keeps you out of trouble with the IRS
  • WJG knows the steps to filing tax returns timely and efficiently.
  • WJG works to assure that each client is in full compliance with the provisions of the tax rules and regulations
  • WJG packages the tax return documents for each client so that the material is understandable and the directions are easy follow
  • WJG knows that time is money and promise to treat each of clients with the utmost importance while maintaining a lower cost than the other guys

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