New Business Formation and Setup

Starting a new business can be overwhelming from all the paperwork, preparation of the business plan, and business entity decisions. W.J. Gordon & Associates is here to help in that process. We begin by understanding the direction the business will be taking and educate the client on the effects the new business will have on the owner(s). Our Cleveland firm assists in entity selection, filing paperwork on the federal and state levels, advising in an accounting and payroll system and many other value added services necessary to start a business.

Download a planning Form for Starting a new business

Custom Business Plan Writing:

The business plan is an effective means of describing a company's future objectives for operations. W.J. Gordon & Associates helps build a comprehensive outline that describes every single aspect of what you are working to establish. There are many personal, professional, and financial key benefits to having a business plan. Our business plan options vary based on the size of the business venture and your particular financial needs.

Entity Selection:

The form the business entity takes is important dependent on the objectives of the owners of the entity and the permanence of the business activity. The basic forms of business are sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation with variation on the theme allowed under federal and state law for LLCs and S Elections. W.J. Gordon & Associates is instrumental in the selection and formation of these entities.

QuickBooks Installation:

W.J. Gordon & Associates have been certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors for nearly 10 years. We assist clients in setup, training and ongoing maintenance. QuickBooks is the number one solution for small businesses whose main focus is to have financial information at their fingertips that is reliable. The use of QuickBooks and our File Cabinet Accounting is a perfect combination for small businesses to meet their accounting requirements and needs within the business budget.

Training and Staff Development:

W.J. Gordon & Associates specializes in understanding the financial informational needs of small businesses based on owner(s) requirements, personnel capabilities and industry. We understand the limitations that small businesses face in developing a system of successful checks and balances and have developed File Cabinet Accounting to assist in overcoming these obstacles. Our firm creates the procedure manual with the input of the owner and staff. We train all accounting/bookkeeping staff and frequently monitor and review the processes with the business.

Bank Financing:

It is not uncommon for a business owner that is looking to grow their business to need some form of outside financing. Given our current lending environment, business loans are difficult to obtain. Help is available if you know where to look. W.J. Gordon & Associates affiliate, Leader Capital Group, may have the help you need. Leader Capital Group specializes in obtaining working capital, funds for debt consolidation or debt structuring; funding for equipment purchases, upgrading facilities, business startups and acquisitions; financing for purchase of franchises and commercial real estate. Contact us or visit to learn more.

Financial Planning and Consulting:

We refer clients to Redwood Financial Network Corp for assistance with Financial Planning.
Businesses are the key to personal financial planning for the owner(s). Along with our vast knowledge of tax advantages, there are also a multitude of ways an owner can plan their personal financing. W.J. Gordon & Associates refers clients to Redwood Financial Network Corp so that they can assist in addressing all of the of financial planning is important and managing them collectively is of integral importance to pursuing overall financial success. Contact us today to get started!